OEM Water Soluble Collagen Mask

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Transform your skincare routine with our collagen film boasting 99.85% high collagen content and 0.15% sodium hyaluronate.
🌈 Anti-Aging Magic Infused with peptides and sodium hyaluronate to reduce wrinkles and combat aging.
🚀 Lift & Tighten Experience a firming effect that lifts and tightens your skin.
🌟 Fine Line Reduction Say goodbye to fine lines with this powerhouse collagen treatment.
💧 Nourish and moisturize Achieve deep nourishment and lasting hydration.
🌿 Lightweight & Portable Highprime Collagens Film is your on-the-go skincare solution.
🌬️ Easy Application: Simply spray and watch it melt into your skin for instant absorption.
🌺 Nourishing Elixir: Replenish elasticity, hydrate, and reduce under-eye bags effortlessly.
🌱 Dirt-Free Absorption: Leaves no residue, only radiant, revitalized skin.

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